About Us

The Toasa Cooperative Ltd seeks to create abundance on any available land under the principles of care for the Earth, care for the People, and care for the Future Generations.

The Toasa Cooperative Ltd was incorporated in May of 2021 by Tom Cunningham, Data Brainanta and Chris Rendell. Sadly, Tom passed away that month and left a number of assets to the Coop, including tools, a large seed collection, and a large number of peonies and gladioli corms.

Peony field at 29 Grey Road, Riverbank

The name Toasa stands for Tom+Asa (Tom’s Dad) and was the brand name of his dairy farm since his Dad was still alive. Our Bhutanese friend, Tshering, who also joined the coop said that the word Toasa means friendship in Bhutanese. We decided to stick with that name.

Garlic Patch at 16 Nauwigewauk Loop

As Tom’s farm in Riverbank is up for sale, we moved our food garden to 16 Nauwigewauk Loop, a property that belongs to one of our member, Irmin Service.

To learn more about us or become our member, you can check our latest bylaw here and reach us by sending email to toasa.coop[at]gmail.com or call/text us at (506) 607-8486 [Data] or (506) 333-3962 [Chris].

Thank you / Merci / Woliwon